• 3120 Gano St, Houston, TX 77009, USA


Building from Experience

The Robert S. Henry Company, founded in Houston, Texas in 1972, is a steel fabricating and building erection organization. We specialize in industrial and commercial metal clad buildings, as well as conventional steel framing. Principals are Kerry D. Rader – President and Roy Vara Jr. – Vice President. Mr. Rader joined the Robert S. Henry Company in 1977, and is experienced in all areas of the company operations. Mr. Vara joined the Robert S. Henry Company in 1990, and is in charge of the company accounting, purchasing, and also oversees the shop fabrication.

We’re a Specialized Company

Over the last 40 years we have continued to offer a source for metal buildings, designed specifically for the customer’s requirements.

The Best in Customer Service

At the Robert S. Henry Company, service is personal, fast and professional. Each customer is important to us, and we intend to keep it that way. Questions involving our orders are handled immediately without buck passing. We are organized to meet your construction schedules.